Wednesday, January 03, 2007

# thing 23

What a great feeling to be at the end of 23 things!
When I first started this (unwillingly, I admit) I was overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending list of excerises to do. I kept insisting to a certain person here (who shall remain anonymous), that my brain was not wired to internet learning. She was having none of it. So with hand firmly planted in my back, and "Yes you can ringing in my ears", I began........

I said in my 1st post that habit 4 : have confidence in yourself would be the most difficult thing for me to overcome, but as I completed each step my confidence grew. It has indeed be a journey of learning.
My favourite # thing, was Flickr and flickr mashups, endless fun. Wiki and the learning sandbox along with are others.
I realize that I have only skimmed the surface, and there is alot more out there waited for me....
The adventure will continue.

# 22

World EBook Fair - Audio books.
I downloaded and listened to Beatrix Potters: Peter Rabbit and, Conan Doyles: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (two old favourites) from the Gutenberg Computer Voice Audio ebook Mp3 Collection. There was plenty to choose from, even a foreign language section.
I tried to get into Historical Childrens Collection, dare I say that 'My Dobbin' rings a bell with me, but alas the system is very slow today and I gave up.
Subjects such as: Tsunami: Sri Lanka Resort and World at War archives are in emovies. Didnt go in and look at that these, enough to know they are there.
This is my last #thing, and I am anxious to finish!

# 21
Bit out of my depth in this one.......
In podcasting you just need to name your topic, author, subject or any keyword and there is sure to be something available. If not, you can always add your own podcast! Great use of tags too, which we leaned about earlier on in '23 things'. Yahoo is among the largest and best organized collection on the internet and has auto RSS feeds.
You can download your chosen podcast and save to your files to even to your MP3 player.
This is a Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis episode, one of my favourite TV shows, that has a ridiculous time slot.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Week 9 thing #20
Wow! On the home straight now.......

Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio.
YouTube serves over 1 million video views a day!! Users are able to upload their own video clips, and the 'quality' of some stuff is amazing, lots of junk, and some I didnt want to watch eg: the Saddam Hussein video clip.... but, there is good stuff to be had also. The fun is in the looking, very addictive looking I might add.

Christmas pressies for sharing.....

Since we are just into the new year, this one is an obvious choice...
Happy New Year YPRL bloggers!


Web 2.0 awards list.
300 to 500 Web 2.0 tools so far! ...... unfortunately I didnt take advise here to stick to one.... but have been jumping all over the place.
So many tools to choose from so many places to visit. I visited retail, threadless (nude no more!) T Shirts. Esty - buy and sell handmade things, interesting to see some really daggy stuff here.. Wists - social shopping. 2,5000 have registered for Arcaplay games in the last few months....I wisely went no further. Events, books, all full of infomation, with so much to look at and read. I need to add some sites to my favourites so I can revisit another time.
Many of these could be quiet useful for research in the library, and some are just plain fun.

Week 8 Thing #18
Online Applications & Tools.
I had a look around Zoho Writer & Google Docs & spreadsheets. Thought the sample sheets looked very Pro., but wouldnt have much use for these myself. I did find a template that would be of interest to my husband, so I'll be passing on that bit of info.... guess I learned something after all! The biggest advantage here is the word 'free' and the fact that they can be accessed anywhere you can use the internet, but unless you have a reliable connection this could be very frustrating.

Monday, January 01, 2007

# 17
Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki.
I have added my entries to the wiki sandbox. This was very easy and fun to do. I wanted to keep going down the list and put in my tuppence worth on each, but I stopped at favourite TV shows & favourite books. I realised I should move on....
I also added my blog to the learning sandbox Favorite-Blogs under Australian blogs.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Week 7 # thing 16
A Wilki allows groups of people to develop a web site..... anyone can add or edit it. This encourages meaningful topic association between pages by hyperlinks. I had a look at Wikipedia current events, only to find Shane Warne's retirement top on the list!
Looked in on the SJCPL Subject guides from Pets, cooking to current affairs and Amish crafts.
Couldnt get into Princeton Public Library Book Lovers or a couple of others unfortunately, the link doesnt work, but then the system is frustratingly very s-l-o-w going today, so maybe I'll try I look again at a later date......

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wow... 5 perspectives, alot to read and digest......
Rather harsh to call a good basic print library collection, the just in case collection! .... but this IS becoming a costly problem for libraries, when funds could be put to better use. However not everybody is computer savvy yet, particularily the older generation. For up to the minute general infomation and study purposes yes, but one still cant go past a good book in hand for relaxtion!
Virtual reality, augmented reality, Avator collect a is moving so fast its mind boggling, I mean really mind boggling! We as libraries do have to be diligent, if we are to stay abreast with all this new technology, and not revert back to the stuffy tag of old we have worked so hard to shake off. Today we need to be able to cater for everyone needs. The Library field really is an exciting place to be, need to keep "chipping away at those icebergs"......


Technorati - World live Web is about people. Bit hard to comprehend that this site is currently tracking 51 million blogs! I just had to have a look at the all popular 'hugs'. I must be only person not to have seen this one. Certainly made me smile and feel all fuzzy. Looked in on Boing Boing, the most popular blog in the world which is a mixture of everything. Found this years Roy Doty wordless christmas card, even watched the Rubiks cube being done with feet... I really needed to see that... very educational haha! Also sussed out the video clip of Casino Royale on You Tube, and gernerally wandered around. I did look into some more serious stuff with Learning 2.0 in the blog posts and directory.
Spending to much time in the one place, (again)..... I'll never get to #23 at this rate!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Week 6 Thing # 13 good enough to eat! This site is really easy to use. I've created an account and added it to my toolbar. Now Im merrily bookmarking to it. Tis the jolly season, so I've added some great Christmas recipes! In fact I think this is to easy, I will have to be more selective or my bookmarks are going to run away with me.
This will also be useful for those people wanting to access their bookmarks at home or elsewhere.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I spent far to long time playing around with Rollyo. Once I got it right it was easy, and I was fascinated to see the list that came up including my own entries. I listed transplants, a subject of great interest to me.